Wednesday, October 31, 2007

liz schuppe

i came across the artist liz schuppe in lena corwin's blog
i love these two paintings.
check out more of her work here

afforable holiday presents on etsy- take one

art by oh my cavalier (read my original post about oh my cavalier here)

gocco printed desk calendars from modern printed matter

handprinted tees and totes from maryink

postcards from bismo080

labels from remake

personalized pencil bouquets by sweet paperie

possum beanie from justjussi

mahogany earrings from orno

mobile from pukapuka

five and a half

this year i am trying to get my holiay shopping on early, since that's usually me making something at the last minute. so as i find neat, cute, unique, handmade and one-of-a-kind stuff i'll post it. eh voila.

i recently stumbled across five and a half, a brooklyn bookmaking and design studio. judy lee creates unique handmade journals with great covers, many of them inspired from varied landscapes.and they're eco-friendly! her description is best:
Each journal is filled with pages of sugarcane fiber and postconsumer recycled paper, a textweight surface that is ideal for writing, drawing, and painting, while leaving the planet's dwindling supply of trees untouched. There are useful details present in each journal ~ an inner pocket for looseleaf notes, and a perfect-bound spine so that each book opens flat for writing and drawing across the pages. The cover designs are made in limited editions, featuring original illustrations or photography.
the top journal, the ossining mural, is panoramic format. i love the inside pocket- and other varieties have a pen loop and come with an "old school pencil". swwweeet. visit their website here

Thursday, October 25, 2007


introducing. . .moop.
moop is a hand-maker of really cooly designed bags.
to quote her blog: "Our objective is to provide a supremely crafted bag made by hand and intended to last. We aim to change the way people dream about clothes by creating a model of high quality, modern, sweatshop free goods, that are simple and just a bit understated". The fraulein bag, pictured above, seems to me to be one of those bags that makes owning one good bag just enough!
and. . .i'm not sure where she lives (somewhere in the northeast) but her studio/home is enviably inspirational.

you can buy moop bags on etsy here
she also has a moop website and a blog

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

victionary books

check out these fabulous looking graphics books! all put out by victionary, a publisher that seems to specialize in "out of the box' design. if the insides are anything like the outside then we're in business. you can purchase a lot of them on amazon (or wishlist them as i did), and they seem to have few but great reviews. they have a sassily designed website (which a design book publisher should!) with a more comprehensive view of all their publications. . .

robert ryan

i came across a mention of london artist rob ryan on bloesem blog. he is primarily a paper cut artist who does introspective lovelies that comment on relationships in a touching way. he has an etsy shop with tiles inspired by his paper cuts. he has a great blog. best of all, his website has a great collection of his amazing paper cut work. he also apparently has a book out too!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

listen up

albert hammond jr!
the guitarist from the strokes who came out with his own album this year.
if you haven't heard him, check out his album here. i recommend 'everyone gets a star'. and david sent me 'blue skies' but i don't know where he found it. enjoy!


i was reminded this morning of lynn davis' photographs of glaciers. david and i saw one of her pieces at art basel and sort of wordlessly nodded an "amen!". see more of her work here

koi suwannagate

check out her collection on her website

Monday, October 15, 2007

mum (with an accent aigu on the 'u')

a great icelandic band david turned me onto. love their illustrated videos.

Friday, October 5, 2007

three potato four

i came across this great webshop via the decor8 blog. it's called three potato four. the owners are a married-with-child couple of designers with impeccable taste, particularly in signage and typesetting! and the styling of the product photos is lovely. check it out here:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

that hopper-esque light

ah..... one thing i've missed about maine is this painterly light. . .
we got a nice dose this weekend.

levitating at m + g's wedding

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