Friday, September 21, 2007

YOLO colorhouse

YOLO colorhouse is a designer series of paint with no volatile organic compounds (those pesky VOCs). they just recently have added an outside color palette to their collection as well as "little YOLO" a line of washable interior paint for the little ones' rooms. one of the best things about YOLO, considering the hefty price tag on their paint, is that you can purchase a poster-sized swatch before committing to a given color. i love the palette. and indeed i love the posters!
check out the YOLO colorhouse website here,

cool tidbit: the cofounders, virginia young (YO) and janey lowe (LO), are former fine arts students with backgrounds in graphics, illustration and advertising, which makes their packaging pretty nice also!

john patrick organics

as some of you may know, i've been looking into greener options for my kids tees. i also recently began a search for an eco-chic party dress to wear to a wedding (meghan, gideon), only to find a proliferation of jersey dresses (lovely for around the house) and weirdly unwearable futuristic pieces. where were the structured lovely audrey-hepburny dresses in brilliant colors but not made by children in sri lanka or made of fabrics and dyes that impact our planet in a bad way? (if you know, email me!!!) i was looking in short for something preppy and elegant and striking in kate-spadey way but much "greener" (and more transparent in its origins). . .no luck! but in my searches i did come across this cute line through the inhabitat blog that is super preppy and casual and breezy. john patrick organics. check out their website here,and the inhabitat piece here,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


i love the idea of a plush, plump feminine couch silouette with a very deconstructed bare-bones but not dangerous-to-toddlers ottoman/coffee table.
here: the chester sofa from mitchell gold with an ottoman from anthropologie. the couch in a lovely velvet, a little drawing on the wall above, some chunky very masculine boxy lamps. . . this ottoman would look natural when messy. this is the kind of ottoman you can put your feet or food on and not feel bad about it. not so fussy as an upholstered ottoman, not so plate-unfriendly as a coffee table. it's like a coffee table with a light straight jacket, or an ottoman that has been undressed to it's built-in canvas undies.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my favorite things

from anthro this september are red and white and grey, most of em french and femme and lovely:

clockwise from top left: cirrus duvet in white, patisserie cup and saucer, neptune chair, astrid chair in naive tropical, ditte sofa in charcoal wool, vannus pumps (is this not the classiest silouette?)

just when i think i've spent all there is to spend at target . . .

alice temperley comes to target's go international collection september 16.
(via oh joy! blog)

cutey mccutester laptop bag

the Mina bag from abbi new york
(via oh joy! blog)

a very inspirational blog

a lived in, loved in home styled with great panache, lots of handmade items and interesting thoughts and stuff at robot jumping rope.
(via poppytalk blog)


a blue-tiful holiday dress from jovovich-hawk

mmmm. black and white

photos courtesy daniel and stephanie

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