Friday, October 24, 2008

distinguished creatures

prints by berkley illustration

from top left: squirrel print...polar bear print ...canada goose print...
raccoon print

aya brackett

aya brackett, a photographer out of berkeley, was one of PDN's 30 emerging photographers to watch in 2008.

check out more beautiful work on her website. her still life/chez panisse portfolio will make your mouth water....oh, alice waters!

from top left: nest, recycling, thanksgiving, breakfast, 3pm between meals


hug it out, by sighn of multipolar projects, who's also doing this ambitious project

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

two beautiful sculptures

by the artist nancy bausch. left to right: between silence and light...fossil no.1. nancy's home collection is beautiful too, and marries so well with the adonde dessert spoons below

tools for living

a new-ish series from design within reach . and--- the bottle opener is 8 dollars!!!! who ever knew you'd be able to get something from DWR for under ten bucks!
i love all these pieces! clockwise from top left: hinoki tissue box... heavyweight tape dispenser...adonde dessert spoons...wall mounted bottle opener...fog linen kitchen cloth... tiffin lunch box set

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

my old roomie

photographs by katherine wolkoff
top: from deerbed series, bottom: from adaptations series

the hat lady

t-shirt by the full spectrum


photographed by edward burtynsky (click on them to see detail)
from top: Carrara Marble Quarries # 24, Carrara, Italy, 1993...Iberia Quarries # 8, Cochicho Co., Pardais, Portugal, 2006
(via dwell)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


making a third bday present for rube (above, an inspiration from the campagna bros). i'm thinking flamingos or monkeys...

jamie wieck

awesome inspiring graphic designer and illustrator out of london. (via tas-ka). sooo clever and talented and playful ala s. sagmeister.
top to bottom "if you can 'say it with flowers' can you say it with chocolate", and "can a poster make people do something they shouldn't". you have to visit his site to see more and understand the degree of cleverness of some of em. love him

chandeliers and mountain pillows

again, via remodelista, pics from the moormann berge hotel in denmark. how lovely are the chandeliers, and i was so happy to come across pix of these pillows as i had seen them in maira kalman's principles of uncertainty. it's worth visiting the hotel's site to peruse through their beautiful rooms and neat details. love the simple bedside lamps and inset bookshelving

waterpipes made beautiful

nabbed these pix of bathrooms at hotel basico from remodelista. love that the pipes look elegant, even (appropriately) fluid against the concrete walls. and no need for art when function = art. love

if j. adler made a childrens desk

'tmight look a lot like the cabana desk by duc duc. although you know JA would do some faux alligator on the cushion
(via fawn&forest)

frazier + wing

solid bright mobile
(via fawn&forest)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

it's getting chilly...

great chunky knit little hats for little ones from pip-squeak chapeau

wiksten made

two pretty pieces from wiksten's fall 2008 collection. left to right: the lena dress (named for lena corwin...and sold out at the moment), and the alison skirt.

check out designer jenny gordy's blog. really pretty pix of her designs there too


hand felted crocodile from pip-squeak chapeau

studio violet

elisabeth dunker and camilla engman have combined forces via studio violet, a studio/shop they share... can't wait to see more of what comes out of here. and what a beautiful space! hooray. as as if the talented artists don't have enough work with their own projects and blogs, they have a studio violet blog too!
(via poppytalk via design sponge)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


...from YeeHaw Press. top to bottom: letterpress pole dance bear print, hand printed letterpress obama poster

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

built + french bull

have conspired! married! co-mingled! quite lovely-like. check more out here


i have a wicked sweet tooth. and my achilles heel in the sweet tooth department is in cakes. i don't need anything special to make me swoon. a sheet cake from the grocery store will do. so long as it has that ridge of slightly crustier frosting... i do diverge. i discovered recently that i can fall in love with really classy cakes too. amazing wedding cakes, a show on the WE network, profiles some of the most challenging, fun and creative projects going on in some of the best cake shops in the country. one shop in particular, the cake girls in chicago, run by sisters mary and brenda maher, totally knocked my socks off with both the wedding and specialty cake art (above).

the show itself features more of the awesome cake artist teams across the country and you can see a lot of their work and profiles of the owners here. it's kind of like the project runway of the cake world (without the competition/elimination) since these artists are using their skills and talents to dream up & make happen something extraordinary, inspirational and one of a kind for their clients. cool stuff.

red prairie press

i just ordered this folkprint capsleeve tee by red prairie press. can't wait to get it!!
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