Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

assignment #63

from miranda july and harrel fletchers learning to love you more project: make an encouraging banner. (if you don't know about the learning to love you more project, it is indeed fascinating and wonderful and worth a look)

as you flip through the images of completed assignments, you begin to feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. a little encouragement from complete strangers, some halfway around the world, never hurt.

if you want to follow up the encouragement with a good chuckle,
check out this

pom pom rug

great image from the book craftivity (thanks E!)


new work from cindy sherman in a show at metro pictures that ended yesterday (thanks K!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

gifts from UO

some great gift ideas (for self and others) from urban outfitters
clockwise from top left: print liberation book by nick paparone and jamie dillon ($25), olivetti manual typewriter ($140), rolleiflex mini digital camera ($399), 3d chandelier ($36), second story foldup bike ($499), owl umbrella holder ($120), crosley nomad portable speaker ($72), antelope hook ($32)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

beautiful full skirts and castles

after a gorgeous victoria's secret holiday commercial i just saw, inspired by big beautiful skirts and regal settings, i wanted to look back at one of my favorite scenes from marie antoinette (above).

Monday, December 8, 2008

succumbed (happily)

after having her plates, bowls and platters, i finally bought a set of nancy's hot cocoa mugs. they are gorgeous, and nestle in your hand so perfectly. it was between hers and molo mugs. which are mod, but relatively impersonal. d will kill me when i say these are THE mugs since we've been through about five rounds but...i think these are THE mugs ;)

baaaaa et al

7x10 print of two sheep and 7x10 print of two lemurs by sharon montrose photographs

Friday, December 5, 2008

heather smith jones

top to bottom: three, map=direction, full of animals of all kinds, clouded house
check out more of her work here

canary by kelly neidig

speaks for itself

white noise broadside by lizard press

poppytalk handmade- holiday market

poppytalk handmade holiday market is a super fantastic place to go shopping.

if you don't know this virtual market, you have to check it out.

the brilliant minds behind poppytalk blog thought up to gather some of their favorite designers/artists/makers to sell their wares in one place (brilliant). jan and earl select makers of some really smart, heartfelt and beautiful stuff. we just discovered we'll have a "table" later this month- and are honored to be selected by such discriminating eyes! thank you jan and earl!

check these...
soleil, ciel and la mer by labokoff:

swiss lamp in white by jill rosenwald:

everything is going to be ok print by please be still/ jen renninger

bears in love under glass by kg + ab

super long luxury armwarmers (cashmere and merino, made to order!) by tortilla girl

spring trees letterpress by yee haw industries (if you still need a fantastic obama poster for history's sake, this is the place to go!)

orange pop up sherbert ice cream organic cotton bag also by yee haw industries. it's kind of inexplicable, my love of this bag.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

this is how we do it

medicine + miniscule measuring cup + truncated straw = enticing toddler cocktail
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