Friday, September 21, 2007

john patrick organics

as some of you may know, i've been looking into greener options for my kids tees. i also recently began a search for an eco-chic party dress to wear to a wedding (meghan, gideon), only to find a proliferation of jersey dresses (lovely for around the house) and weirdly unwearable futuristic pieces. where were the structured lovely audrey-hepburny dresses in brilliant colors but not made by children in sri lanka or made of fabrics and dyes that impact our planet in a bad way? (if you know, email me!!!) i was looking in short for something preppy and elegant and striking in kate-spadey way but much "greener" (and more transparent in its origins). . .no luck! but in my searches i did come across this cute line through the inhabitat blog that is super preppy and casual and breezy. john patrick organics. check out their website here,and the inhabitat piece here,

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Delila said...

Good words.

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