Monday, December 10, 2007

alyson fox

ah! a new post! hooray!

my head is spinning after checking out the work of alyson fox (but then again, i have a head cold too!). kidding aside, i'm blown away by this girl's talent. i first came across a print of hers on little paper planes (which, if you don't know about, is a great site to score up some original prints). then i saw some other prints on keep calm (another great site for prints- this time in the UK) and decided to do some more investigating and found even more great prints on alyson's own website. . .as seen above

and then as if the prints weren't smart and pretty enough, she has a very sassy and sustainable line of apparel too! her apparel site- is simple and so well done- instead of stills, she uses video to paint a more lifestyley view of the model moving around her apartment (impeccably styled) dressed in her effortlessly chic fashions. the site is beautiful, fun, clever, and so fantastically done- and the clothes are that kind of easy, thrown-on kind of sophisticated and sexy that goes well with bedhead. it's like an anthro catalog come to life. . .which, is not so uncanny considering when i do a little googling around, she too was a former visual manager for anthro!

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