Saturday, August 16, 2008

organic goodness

in my search for an evening gown i added to my search something that was better for the planet. though i knew an evening gown was a reach, and indeed never found something ankle length and green, i did find an interesting variety of lovely eco-conscious cocktail dresses, undies, etcetera
clockwise from top left:
angelica dress by ecoskin, organic john patrick hand knit cardigan,the movie star dress by kate, perfectly imperfect organic cotton lace boy short, alison pleated dress by sublet, hera dress by popomomo, fleece jacket by stem, brasenia dress by ecoskin

1 comment:

popomomo said...

hi andrea,
thanks for mentioning popomomo in your post:)
we've got more organic "cocktail-esque dresses" hitting stores later this month for fall (you can get a sneak peak at, but sorry, no full length green gowns:)!

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