Tuesday, October 7, 2008


i have a wicked sweet tooth. and my achilles heel in the sweet tooth department is in cakes. i don't need anything special to make me swoon. a sheet cake from the grocery store will do. so long as it has that ridge of slightly crustier frosting... i do diverge. i discovered recently that i can fall in love with really classy cakes too. amazing wedding cakes, a show on the WE network, profiles some of the most challenging, fun and creative projects going on in some of the best cake shops in the country. one shop in particular, the cake girls in chicago, run by sisters mary and brenda maher, totally knocked my socks off with both the wedding and specialty cake art (above).

the show itself features more of the awesome cake artist teams across the country and you can see a lot of their work and profiles of the owners here. it's kind of like the project runway of the cake world (without the competition/elimination) since these artists are using their skills and talents to dream up & make happen something extraordinary, inspirational and one of a kind for their clients. cool stuff.

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