Thursday, November 6, 2008

the wig + polaroids

while back in maine this past week i came across a large stack of photographs of "the wig". probably about ten years ago, around the time when i contemplated turning my hair grey with a variety of chemicals, i acquired this wig. my roomate christie and i, armed with a polaroid camera, began documenting people at parties in our house in that wig- often in varying degrees of inebriation (in which state a few men really let loose the woman in them...). back when these were taken, digital cameras weren't ubiquitious (in fact, i don't remember anyone i knew having them but then again i used an apple 2c through college).. and how when these pictures were taken it was so exciting to see them "right away" (the anticipation during the "development" only heightening the excitement of the unveiling...would it be bad, would it be amazing?)...and how we really take for granted today what it means to see a captured image seconds or split seconds after taking it. every party we had the polaroid was passed around...oh the sad sad state of the think-- how exciting it was to WAIT to see what you had shot...

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