Friday, December 5, 2008

poppytalk handmade- holiday market

poppytalk handmade holiday market is a super fantastic place to go shopping.

if you don't know this virtual market, you have to check it out.

the brilliant minds behind poppytalk blog thought up to gather some of their favorite designers/artists/makers to sell their wares in one place (brilliant). jan and earl select makers of some really smart, heartfelt and beautiful stuff. we just discovered we'll have a "table" later this month- and are honored to be selected by such discriminating eyes! thank you jan and earl!

check these...
soleil, ciel and la mer by labokoff:

swiss lamp in white by jill rosenwald:

everything is going to be ok print by please be still/ jen renninger

bears in love under glass by kg + ab

super long luxury armwarmers (cashmere and merino, made to order!) by tortilla girl

spring trees letterpress by yee haw industries (if you still need a fantastic obama poster for history's sake, this is the place to go!)

orange pop up sherbert ice cream organic cotton bag also by yee haw industries. it's kind of inexplicable, my love of this bag.

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