Tuesday, May 19, 2009

some coveted art supplies

there are very few art supplies i have a special allegiance to... these two in particular i love most everything about them. the pentel marker set has an awesome array of colors and a very handy (esp. with children) storage 'book' that is a very findable yellow. also, the utility sketchbook by the pentalic corporation, which sadly seems no longer to have this great yellow watercolor paper cover (replaced instead with a photograph of a manhole...ugh)... despite the latter's no-frills name, it is a supremely awesome sketchbook. it is perfect bound, the paper quality is incredible, with no bleed-through. the cover (at least the yellow one) is thick and withstands lots of beating, and the pages can be removed cleanly if need be. and it just *feels perfect*. as one website puts it: "looks and handles like a thick telephone book with a soft cover"

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