Monday, February 25, 2008

can you build a house around...

have you ever seen the kohler commercial where the couple wants a fancy architect to design their house around their sink hardware? i think of that commercial sometimes, about little things inspiring big things.
(side note #1: i also like to think, in this vein, about movies that inspire whole lifestyles...such as stealing beauty)
(side note #2: this concept of a little item inspiring a building reminds me of what i overheard a friend once saying about buying something small -a candleholder or serving plate or something- for the dream home you don't yet have, just to get the positive waves in motion. i think oprah would be right there AMENning with her recent put-your-request-out-into-the-universe-and-the-universe-will-respond campaign, but oprah and her tiffany bubble wand is a whole nother side note)...
so... i love this j schatz egg bird feeder. when on a crusty old tree, i think it embodies the whole "build a house around this" idea...
the mixture of sleek, rounded lines, the hint of fragility in the eggshell but clearly fabricated and not-of-nature... hanging off a sturdy, natural, dirty, unpredictable piece of living wood. and then life- in the form of a bird- comes to flit or stay a moment, crossing the lines of the sleek artificial and the wonky creaky natural....hmmm. nice birdfeeder!
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