Wednesday, February 6, 2008

tufte books

we recently got the catalog for tufte books in the mail. the books (all seven of them) immediately caught my eye. don't mind that they look like textbooks: though they seem pretty "sciency" with graphs and diagrams, they seem to have a good dose of humor and soul too!

the boston globe calls The Visual Display of Quantitative Information "a visual Strunk & White." of Envisioning Information, Milton Glaser and Jeri Heiden say: "This is one of the best books on graphic design ever published- vibrant, engaging, extremely beautiful, an extraordinary is probably the most perfect book of its kind that i have ever seen" (wow). of the same book, rudolf arnheim says "a real treat for all who reason and learn by means of images" (man, that's me!!!)

best of all the books are very affordable, as art books go- forty and forty eight bucks!!! (top to bottom: book covers, the visual display of quantitative information, envisioning information

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