Friday, June 6, 2008


my friend christine just turned me on to a great food/design blog, sweet fine day. the creators, jenna and mark, a designer and pastry chef (respectively) chronicle their oh-so-inspirational brooklyn-based family life with two girls and gorgeous foods. they operate an etsy-based bakery, whimsy & spice, and if the drool-inducing pix of their concoctions are indicative of the taste, i imagine their treats to be heavenly indulgent. i want to lay my head upon a giant one of their handcut chocolate marshmallows at night. packaging is equally confectionary. they even have a special father's day sampler box which includes Hazelnut & Chocolate Whisky Sandwich cookies..mmmm.
check out their blog
their bakery website
their flickr (totally pavlovian reaction)
or jenna's design site


Heidi said...

oooh those marshmallows look amazing. But then again so does the pie! Great idea, selling sweets on Etsy. By the way, I always love your blog.

ThePeachTree said...

Don't tell me they make rhubarb pie now?!? Oh, I'm so there :)

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