Thursday, June 5, 2008

welcome back

oh where oh where did my blogging days go? i like to think i've been on sabbatical in the blogging department. the truth is i had a bit of bloghaustion, a bit of the ol' writer's blogck. so i took a little time to get out from under the glow of the computer and out into the world for a bit... and suddenly rube is growing up so fast, i'm hesitant to miss out on much. so despite us all being sick for a bit, i've been lolling with the rubester in sunshine, making some big shifts with the bidness, catching up on a giant pile of paperwork, having a mini vacation with my favorite husband in the big apple (above: david and i playing karaoke with the light fixtures at our hotel), reading some books for the first time in two years, testing out my new camera... nothing so earth shattering but very happy good stuff.

so now i think i'm back in the swing... i've missed the blog world and am so happy to get back to trolling for inspirations in a variety of nooks and crannies.


Sweet n Lowdown said...

It seem wierd for me to know that David enjoys a bit 'o nude karaoke with light fixtures... :)

andrea said...

just to clarify, he was only nude from the waist up. so, karaoke in boxers is more like it.

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