Monday, July 23, 2007

oh my. . .

i just REALLY discovered etsy (i think i'm a little behind). . .i've visited before and tons of friends have pointed me there but i had no idea that it's like small store boutiqueville!! there is definitely a good amount of crafty craftster stuff and there is also a lot of unique art, apparel, and just general goodness. and the money you spend goes to little makers and businesis, which is way cool. all of the above images are snagged from one of my favorite finds, oh my cavalier. julianna swaney graduated with a bfa in printmaking from maine college of art. check out her website here,her etsy shop here,and her live journal (lots of great drawings) ici!

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Anonymous said...

You should check out branch gallery, I think you'd enjoy some of the work. The gallery is located in NC and it was started by a childhood friend who graduated from RISD. Take a peek some of the work is amazing.


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