Saturday, July 28, 2007

ok. . .i admit it. i heart target.

ok. i have a confession. we went to three targets today. to find stools for the tradeshow, and to try to manipulate rube's nap schedule (note to self: not possible. first napless day in her 19 month life). so. . .i knew libertine was coming to target mid-july as their new designer series. . .but when i saw the pieces in person , i couldn't help myself. plus i also got this amazing devi kroell faux snake/alligator skin silvery white clutch for 20 bucks that is amazing. i didn't even realize i was that girly until i saw this clutch. get your own here.

target: good for kitty litter and for silk bolero jackets.

side note: when talking to a target associate he concluded our conversation by saying "i copy" which made me think he really uses his walkie talkie a lot.

side note 2: aisles of shrink wrapped crazy colored plastic toys make me feel nauseous.

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