Wednesday, August 8, 2007

built by wendy

does anyone else remember this actress, i think her name is robin tunney? she played a young woman with tourette syndrome in a movie in the 90s. and i think she may have starred across from chris o'donnell in some crazy mountain action film in the past five years. . .i am resisting the urge to google, ala my billy jean entry. . .

i digress. these images of said actress are from the fall 2007 collection
from built by wendy. how adorable is that ruffle top? what's even COOLER for ambitious DIYers is that designer wendy mullin has linked up with pattern company simplicity to offer a "built by you" series of sewing patterns, ones that jenny gordy uses as a starting place for some of her designs (see previous post), as well as a how-to sewing book, sew u, and a tote bag sewing kit with the book and every pattern a hip DIY girl can handle.

so. . . this may just help me try to approximate the calypso pazzi dress i've been coveting that now seems to be out of stock.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy is a great friend of my little bro - the sweeeny clan has been fans of her stuff for years - we all have at least a handful of her things - but I must admit some of her little details on her mens stuff is laugh out loud funny!


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