Wednesday, August 15, 2007

uncle dude's birthday day

it's my brother pete's birthday today. he turns 35. woo hoo. ruby wanted me to photograph her carrying a transcribed sign of her well-wishing, since she can't get the words out so good. DOOOO.

for his thirty-fifth, i designed for him the second in a limited edition of "fatty and diamond d" tee shirts.
fatty and diamond d were pete's pet rocks when he was a little kiddo. he used to put out a bowl of water for them (because rocks are dry and thirsty). them being rocks, i thought it fitting to portray them in a (rock) band. to the left we have fatty on the upright bass (doom babba doom babba doom) and diamond d on the mandolin (plingy pling pling).

cheers, brother! i love you!


Peter said...

Some tips for Pet Rocks.
1. Pet rocks are best kept in a margerine container on a window sill.
2. Water them daily, they get real thirsty.
3. You never know when you'll find a diamond the size of a golfball in your driveway.
4. If you're lucky, 30 years later your sister will design some cool t-shirts for you.

Jenn said...

i'm obsessed with this limited edition shirt. i need one even though i'm not even a rock collector like pete.

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