Wednesday, August 15, 2007

later. . . with jools holland

this show is so good i shook david to wake him up at 3:30pm (unsuccessfully).
later. . .with jools holland is a brilliant late night concert tv program that's been on BBC since 1992 and is available through the RAVE-HD channel on optimum online (channel 785) and dish network. jools holland hosts this program where all-star musicians of varied genres perform on a rotating basis. the effect is not just an amazing concert, but a well-curated concert like an audiovisual mixtape gallery put together by your smartest most inspirational music-loving friend. an added plus of the rotating-performer thing is that you don't have to sit too long through a performer who might not be your favorite. tonight was session 28 including two of our all time favorites- thom yorke and the be good tanyas (pictured). another program has tony bennett and scissor sisters, amongst others. a third program features the strokes, the flaming lips and cat power (you get an idea of the variety). then there's the quality of the picture, which is really like being at a live concert. which, when you have a 20 month old, you don't get to do all that often. . if you don't know the be good tanyas, have a listen of their blue horse album (favorites: littlest birds, lakes of pontchartrain, or chinatown album (favorites: it's not happening, ship out on the sea, reuben)

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David said...

hey- that was 3:30am. don't make me out to be some kind of bum who skips work and snoozes all afternoon.

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