Tuesday, January 22, 2008


this (in the center) is my friend amie. that is her marrying d + i at our wedding. who or those of you who weren't there, a few things of note: this b&w picture does not do justice at all to amie's technicolor nature. first, her tattoos are the most beautiful ones i've ever seen. also, she was wearing a bright blue shirt and a fuschia bustly chiffony skirt. and again, for those of you who weren't there, she was the most stunning and amazing priestess of the unitarian universalist church. i do believe she carries a laminated card as evidence of her minister-dom.

so, i'm writing about amie today because amie recently donated her kidney to a stranger and i just wanted to blog-e-brate her as a really crazily amazing chick and well....i definitely feel guilty that i haven't yet sent her a little special something for her kidney recovery (i'm working on 'making' something but am very picky about it being "just so" ) and since a blog is in some semblance a diary, i needed to give her a little shout-out. (this is the same woman who hulahooped for hours in public to earn money for a local animal shelter). . i have never even given thought to removing one of my organs and giving it away. . but amie does it like it's a no-brainer, just giving away one of her organs to save someone's life. she'd probably hate that i'm blogging about her right now. she's like a little buddha in that way.

check out the local (boston) news spot on amie certainly food for thought on the meaning of generosity

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