Tuesday, January 8, 2008


demakersvan is a brilliant dutch industrial design company. a while back, i saw the lace fence as part of a dutch design show in the city but then was reminded of them when i saw pix of the fence in their workshop in progress (it looks like paisleys no?). . .and then the more you look at their work you realize just how smart and inventive their work is. part of their about us philosophy is "we are plain but love the impossible"
the lace fence is for a public housing project, and covers 32,000 square yards. . .they've moved production to india to faciliate work. as far as i can tell, all hand done. it must cast the most beautiful shadows, too!

and here is some other work by them: the light wind, which is a wind powered outdoor light

and the waiting chair which itself can assume varied positions of waiting. maybe it can tap its toe too. . .

check out their work on their website

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