Sunday, January 20, 2008

elisabeth dunker

i have been admiring from afar (afar=across the atlantic ocean) elisabeth dunker for some time. after exploring her blog for hours this weekend, i'm all blushy and happy. . a much needed jolt of goodness on some dreary, long days. (thank you elisabeth for being so damn cool)

elisabeth dunker is a designer/artist and a mother of two from gothenburg, sweden. i first came across her work on lula, a swedish design collaborative that features her photography, styling and graphic design. she seems to be a jane-of-all-graphic-trades while still maintaining a gorgeous blog that celebrates her children, their creations, her creations with them and her wonderful home (which was featured in cookie magazine ) how does she do it??? have time for the kiddos (two!) and the husband and her professional and personal work and inspiration sessions with friends!! . . .her photos give the impression that it's so easy and seamless, the blending of personal work and commercial work and home life. . . how authentic and unfussy and committedly modern and clever handmade AND personal her vision is. it inspires one to throw the tv out the window, turn on some music, get barefoot and play in that intuitive way that produces the most lovely "real" things. . . like this dollhouse she created with her kiddos

or these lovely photographs with lots of color and pattern

or pictures like these that make me wonder if "stuff" in sweden is just cooler than anywhere else

or this wallpaper!

or this, which is just plain perfect.

this is just a small portion of elisabeth's work. visit the lula site for some amazing (and sleek modern) design work, check out her flicker site or her fine little day blog for more visual candy

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