Thursday, January 17, 2008

a little plug for david (aka harvey l.)

my lovely hubby has written two books. they are called "curios and tidbits," the most recent sequel of which is hot off the press. both books are under the pen name Harvey Lungrenmunfrenjensen*. the books-real! bound! cute! and oh so funny (like d)!- are available here

*side note: it is under this fake name that david and i got fake married sevenish years ago on the back 'deck' of rudy's bar and grill (to it's fans- the place with duct-taped red pleather seating, the best classic rock jukebox in town, free hotdogs and a semi-famous petite and elusive jean-jacketed bartender with a handlebar moustache) in hells kitchen, a ceremony performed by a man wearing scuba goggles. . .dear brendan as the only known witness to this strange event. . .i do digress.) ah rudy's. the bar with the giant wooden pig out front.

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